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all80s Blog

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Welcome (back) to The 1980's

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Madonna Duran Duran Madonna Whitesnake 

Quite simply, the best decade ever, with some of the most watched movies of all time, the hottest artists and sounds that are still enjoyed today by music fans all around the world, fashion that just won't quit and TV shows that are still popular.

We hope you enjoy our look back at the 10 years that shaped a generation.


on Jovi  Whitney Houston  Def Leppard  George Michael

Look back and reminisce on the broad spectrum of the 80s music scene, everything from boybands (Bros, Wham!, Duran Duran) and Rock (Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Def Leppard) to Punk (The Damned, The Cure) and Indie (Jesus and Mary Chain, Echo and The Bunnymen) and loads more inbetween. Our dedicated Artists section has a full rundown on all things 80s music and is well worth a look.


Neighbours  Dynasty  Only Fools and Horses  Eastenders

We all remember the shoulder pads of Dynasty and the scandal of Albert Square when EastEnders first hit our screens. But there were others that you may have forgotten. Me and My Girl, 3-2-1 with Dusty Bin, or Wheel of Fortune with Nicky Campbell. What about Treasure Hunt and Challenge Anneka. All your favourites are here in our Television section.


The Terminator  Die Hard  Rain Man  Top Gun

Real action was the memories of the late 80s movie scene, Stallone, Schwarzenneger and Willis were all on top form with Rambo, Terminator and Die Hard, Tom Cruise also started his career in The 80s, Cocktail or Top Gun anyone. Just pure movie magic. Some of the best movies appeared in the 80s, find out why here in our look at 80s Movies


All the No1 albums, singles and compilations are here in full weekly detail, plus interesting and surprising facts, figures, statistics and the best sellers of each year and the whole decade are available in our charts section.

Pop Quiz

pop quiz image

Think you know The 80s, if you like a challenge then try out our Pop Quiz area, 120 questions to test your 80s knowledge in 6 different categories. Try it with friends and family and crown your 80s champion. Answers are available upon request foc, just our way of saying thanks for taking part, aren't we nice.


Do you remember the chart war between Now Music and Hits Albums?, find out just who won that war. Detailed track listings for all these top selling albums are all here in our 80s Compilations section.

Childrens TV/ Cartoons

homer j simpson pink panther

Your childhood revsited with an in depth look at some of the most popular Cartoons of the 1980s in our Carteyeballsoons Section. We also look back at the best Children's TV with Grange Hill, Blue Peter and Crackerjack to name but three, four if you add Runaround, five with Going Live!.


54321 bar kia ora crows

Remind yourself and everyone else why the 80s were so unique with a look back to the best (and worst) adverts of the decade. Remember the original Milky Way (Red Car Blue Car) or how about Maureen Lipman in the BT ads. You can find them here with a few surprises as well.


80s forum

Come in and enjoy the fun with other 80s enthusiasts and chat about the 80s and more on our secure server at The 80s Forum, it's a happy fun community and **free to join**.


Vist Our Community and sign our Guestbook, write an 80s review, see our recommended 80s links and lots more. The all80s Shop has CDs DVDs from the 1980's and more.

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